de: Brot


de: bauernbrot
traditional Austrian rye sourdough bread ripened for more than 48 hours to achieve its full-bodied taste


de: sauerteigbrot
water, flour, salt, fermented natural fruit flavour and lots of time; a fully matured sourdough, highly flavorful

jour pastries
de: Feingebäck

kaiser ROLL

de: kaisersemmel
Austria's world-famous specialty - a crusty, "toasty" (de:resches), star-shaped wheat cookie with a malt-colored, shiny crust and soft buttery smell; invented by Viennese baker named Kayser around 1750
vegan option available


de: mohnflesserl
traditional Upper-Austrian hand-woven deliciousness, dipped in plenty of blue poppy seeds
vegan option available

SaltY Stick

de: salzstangerl
from 1727 all bakers in Austria were allowed to produce "mouth pastries" ('semmel'), including salt sticks (only later called 'salzstangerl'); traditionally made from semmel-dough and shaped into sticks by hand and sprinkled with coarse grains of salt and caraway seeds
vegan option available

Viennoiseries"Things of Vienna" | De: aus Wien

Original Croissant

de: kipfel
the original Kipfel was likely a traditional Austrian monastic pastry from the year 1000; baked at Easter and modeled after goat horns; hand-rolled, a soft and buttery indulgence, perfect for breakfast

Butter Croissant

de: croissant
1838 Austrian Baker August Zang opened the first 'viennoise' in Paris, introducing Austria's 'Kipfel', French: 'Croissant' which later was adapted by the French by adding more butter in layers to the Croissant as you know it today; hand folded to +30 layers of buttery heaven, matured over 3 days

poppy stick

de: mohnstangerl
the sweet little brother of the Kipfel, hand-formed and dipped in plenty of blue poppy seeds

de: Süssspeisen

poppy Strudel

de: mohnstrudel
today, strudels are considered the epitome of Viennese pastry cuisine and come in a variety of different fillings; the poppy strudel is a dessert consisting of light potato dough, overflowing with a poppy seed filling with sugar, butter, honey, vanilla and cinnamon; the poppy seed filling has its origin in the peasant cuisine of the Austrian Waldviertel region

Brioche Plait

de: brioche-zopf
pleasantly buttery and delicious sweet like honey, with rum soaked raisin; enough to share with family and friends; nothing tastes like brioche

Brioche Button

de: brioche-knopf
just the right size for one to enjoy our brioche

Linzer Tart

de: linzertorte
the recipe dates 1696, found in the Vienna City and State Library; the oldest known cake recipe in the world, named after our hometown, the capital of Upper-Austria: LINZ

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Christopher Lang is a trained master baker, master pastry chef and certified bread sommelier; a certification only four people in all of Austria have. This worldwide exclusive, state-recognized training to become an "official ambassador for artisan bread" is only available in Germany. He worked a couple of years in Vienna as a product developer for a major Austrian bakery before becoming the bakery manager in one of Austria's most renowned artisan bakeries in Linz. In the industry, he is considered the Robin Hood of bakers; he stands up for those who keep the artisan trade alive and bake goods traditionally, organically and free of unessecary chemicals.

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