THe Eleuthera Retreat

Eco Responsible Commercial Real estate Development
Eleuthera | The Bahamas

Eco-responsible investment

Coeptum Bonum GmbH has developed a holistic ECO Building Code, Cuna™, to build, through the exclusive use of specifically selected natural building materials, empirically measurable, healthy human-centered living spaces designed in proportion to the human body for the island and environment of Eleuthera.

Each Cuna™ Villa bound over 15 Tons of CO2; this equals the energy consumption of one U.S. home over 2.5 years! Renewable energy systems integrated into the design allow 100% independent operation of the local fossil fuel-fired power grid, keeping CO2 emissions close to zero during the years of operation and achieving a de facto negative carbon footprint for each development and commercial operation.

One of a kind | the only True emission free Boutique development on the island

In the last decades, consumer demand for eco-responsible products/services has grown from a niche sector to a multibillion $ industry. Contrary to expectations, the high paying eco-tourism is still nearly untapped in The Bahamas.

The Eleuthera Retreat is a highly profitable, Eco-real estate investment, offering world-class beach and marine life access, services like vacation rental, entertainment, education & cultural exchange and is designed to maximize profitability, to produce high cash flow returns and above-average value growth.

negative development


High Rate of Return & Cashflow


tax benefits


Multi-income Development


Exclusive, high-end, eco-Vacation experience


/ku:na/ latin, noun: nest, a retreat or refuge, home.


To touch, smell, and to be surrounded by natural, chemically
unaltered materials is an all-immersive experience and has
empirically evident positive effects on us, Showing a significant
reduction in heart rate, relaxation of all nervous systems and
regeneration of our immune system as our bodies interact and communicate with its immediate environment.


• Human Centered Design.
• Space coherent to man.
• Proportional to the human body, governed by nature's patterns.
• Natural, non-toxic materials only.
• Highest building quality standards.
• Dedicated space for meditation and stillness.

By applying empirically derived principles instead of general rules, a place’s potential can truly be made accessible to everyone. Moving from a society that consumes resources to a community that cultivates resources.