THe Eleuthera Retreat

Eco Responsible Commercial Real estate Development
Eleuthera | The Bahamas

THe Eleuthera Retreat

Exclusive Eco Boutique Hotel & Foundation
The Bahamas

A Transformational Place

The Eleuthera Retreat

HIGH Profit

The Eleuthera Retreat

One of a kind
relaxation, inner focus and regeneration

The Eleuthera Retreat

Sustainable investment


High Rate of Return

Multi-income Development


Offshore tax benefits

Stable Industry

Community Impact

Eco-responsible investment

In the last decades, consumer demand for eco-responsible products/services has grown from a niche sector to a multibillion $ industry. Contrary to expectations, the high paying eco-tourism is still nearly untapped in The Bahamas.

With the eco-tourism market hardly serviced, the upside potential in The Bahamas is outstanding. Tourism contributes to well over 60% of the country’s total GDP. An estimated US$1.3 billion is spent annually by more than 6 million visitors.

Each in-house developed Cuna™ Villa bound over 15 Tons of CO2; this equals the energy consumption of one U.S. home over 2.5 years! Equipped with renewable energy systems, each Villa is 100% self-sufficient, leaving during its commercial use close to zero CO2 emission.

Furthermore, the Sponsor, CBonum, commits parts of their dividends to local scholarship programs through an on-site NPO.

One of a kind | the only Eco-Boutique Hotel on the island

The Eleuthera Retreat is a highly profitable, holistic ECO Beachfront Estate Development on the Island of Eleuthera in The Bahamas. The Boutique Hotel offers world-class beach and marine life access, and services like vacation rental, entertainment, education & cultural exchange.

Dedicated to providing transformational experiences for its guests at its core the Hotel facilitates a restaurant with plant-based cuisine, a pool with pool-bar, a zero-waste boutique store, a contemporary cinema, an ECE-Center (Education, Conventions, and Events) and beach dock; providing high-end eco-accommodation, entertainment, relaxation, healthy organic nutrition, recreational water sports, wellness, meditation, yoga, privacy, retreat, and space for teaching and networking for up to 32 guests.

Exclusive, high-end, eco-Vacation experience

Cuna™ 4 to 6 room Eco-lux Villas, 100% self-sufficient with infinity pool

• ECE-Center | masterclasses and event
• Workshops with international guest speakers
• Boutique restaurant with plant-based cuisine  and fresh vegetables from the on-site garden

• Boutique Cinema | entertainment and events
• Yoga and meditation platforms
• Fresh juice pool and beach bar

• EcoMarina & Dock | watersports, ocean activities
• Extensive house reef for unforgettable underwater experiences

• Eleuthera's central Settlement, Governour's Harbour near by with restaurants, shops, and local entertainment.

• Endless, deserted world class beaches with miles and miles to wonder and explore

breathtaking miles of pink sand beach | unrestricted panoramic views

By applying empirically derived principles instead of general rules, a place’s potential can truly be made accessible to everyone. Moving from a society that consumes resources to a community that cultivates resources.