High end Villas with a True carbon negative footprint

Pure nature | bespoke quality

Cuna™ stands for 100% self-sufficient, high-end eco-villas, made of untreated and natural building materials. Environmentally conscious living at the highest level of quality and craftsmanship.

Specifically calculated geometry, engineered solid wood composite wall elements prefabricated in Austria, insulated with hempcrete result in a 100% natural, zero CO2 footprint, hurricane- proof luxury villa.

negative development


High Rate of Return & Cashflow


tax benefits


Multi-income Development


Exclusive, high-end, eco-Vacation experience


/ku:na/ latin, noun: nest, a retreat or refuge, home.


To touch, smell, and to be surrounded by natural, chemically
unaltered materials is an all-immersive experience and has
empirically evident positive effects on us, Showing a significant
reduction in heart rate, relaxation of all nervous systems and
regeneration of our immune system as our bodies interact and communicate with its immediate environment.

HUman Centered Design PRINCIPALS

• Geometry proportional to the human body, governed by nature's patterns.
• Natural, non-toxic materials only.
• Highest building quality standards.
• Dedicated space for meditation and stillness.

By applying empirically derived principles instead of general rules, a place’s potential can truly be made accessible to everyone. Moving from a society that consumes resources to a community that cultivates resources.