Eco - Housing
Austria & The Bahamas

Nature is the source of all true knowledge.
She has her own logic, her own laws,
she has no effect without cause
nor invention without necessity.
- Leonardo da Vinci

Designing Space coherent to man, governed by nature's patterns.

CUNA /ku:na/ latin: nest
noun: a retreat or refuge, home.

To define a luxurious experience is to describe an extraordinary stimulated sensual state and excitement. To touch, smell, and to be surrounded by natural, chemically unaltered materials is an all-immersive experience and has empirically evident positive effects on us. Showing a significant reduction in heart rate, relaxation of all nervous systems and regeneration of our immune system as our bodies interact and communicate with its immediate environment.

Cuna™ | Pure Nature | Bespoke Quality

The Materials used to build and furnish a Cuna™ are studied and carefully selected based on their esthetic qualities and essential effects on our physiological and psychological state.

Human-Centered Design

With over half a decade of design research and development, Cuna's™ architectural blueprint integrates living space with natural space following naturally occurring ratios such as Pi, Phi, and the Fibonacci sequence.

Materials,  elements, openings, and constructional orientation are selected and set according to scientific principles optimizing indoor climate, energy consumption, and affecting human well-being.

At the heart of each designed Cuna™, is a dedicated space for meditation and stillness designed in Zenshūyo style.

Pure Natural Building Materials with unrivaled beneficial properties for our Health and use of Energy.

Pure untreated Wood:

Scientifically proven and verifiable, Thoma Wood100™ are the healthiest homes using only pure and untreated moonwood, mechanically fastened with dowels thus does not contain the usual poisonous bonding agents and wood preservatives. Also achieving a waste-free construction based on the ecocycle principle of forests. Relevant and nessecary as the construction industry is the largest waste producer in the world.

Zero glues, toxins, chemicals, VOCs, preservatives or fire retardants, with an industry-leading 50-year warranty against mold and condensation.


Together, the oldest plant cultivated by mankind (hemp) mixed with one of the most tested building materials (natural lime) is the building material of the future.

The two materials are mixed together with water on site and compressed to specification. The hemp plant grows approx. 50 times faster than wood; biomass sufficient for a small single-family house will grow in only five months on one hectare of land. The connection of loose hemp shives with natural limestone and minerals make the material as hard as stone and resistant to external influences, meaning that buildings will stand for many generations. Excellent thermal properties make additional insulation unnecessary. Hemp-lime has similar properties to clay with regard to air purification and moisture regulation, ensuring a healthy living environment and clean air. The cycle binds more CO² than it releases, acitvely saving the environment.

According to EN 15804 calculations, hemp stone stores about 90 % more CO² than is released during production, resulting in a balance sheet total of minus 90 %. Schönthaler

Location dependent CUNA™ uses Wood100, Hemp-Lime or a combination of both. The restults are always the same: High Quality, 100% natural materials, CO2 negative footprint reduction during construction and operations due to ultra-high insulation values, soundproof, etc.

Carbon Negative Footprint

UV-, Radiation-, and Sound Proof

Wind-, Hurricane- and Stormproof

breathable, self-regulating room climate

high energy efficient

highest industry insulation values

strong and lightweight building material

High Fire-, Pest- and Mildew Resistance

naturally non-toxic

With an exceptional beach location in The Bahamas in mind, its open design was challenged to withstand strong winds and potential hurricanes and the effects of salty ocean mist on its materials. Great focus on structural details and the exclusive use of natural materials accomplish both while maintaining Cuna's™ principals of natural and organic design.

The design also accommodates self-sustaining systems within its defined space, such as collecting solar thermal energy and rainwater, recycling wastewater, and harvesting and storing renewable energy. Deliberately placed rooftop apertures provide health-beneficial natural daylight to all rooms.

The Details are not the details.
they make the design.
-Charles Eames