Alexander I. Younis

Younis is an Austrian/Egyptian born in 1982 in Linz, Austria. He worked internationally as an executive in finance, forestry management and real estate development residing in Romania and Canada before emigrating to the Bahamas where he produced and managed feature film productions and their distribution.

former corporate Contacts:

Kargo Production LTd

producer, 5 years as executive director
Drama/Action Feature Film,
The Bahamas

Best ever film ltd

co-founder, 7 years as VP
Bahamian Film Fund,
The Bahamas

BEF Film Production
Services LLC

5 years as managing director
Motion Picture Production Services,

Philautia ltd

1 year as project manager,
The Bahamas

S.c. Nemus S.L.R

founder, 3 years as chairman
Effective Forestry Management,

Alpin FOrst GmbH

co-founder, 2 years as executive director
‍Effective Forestry Management

Invest/con gmbh

7 years as consulting director
Financial Services,