Founded in 2011 near Salzburg, Austria, Coeptum Bonum is a developer established to invest in projects conforming empirically derived principals regarding economical and ecological sustainability by valuing its financial output as equally important as the sum of its ecological impact
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Projects & Developments

The Eleuthera Retreat

ECO-LUX Boutique Hotel

The Bahamas 2019 - present
Sponsor, GP

Vacation Rental Service

Vacation Rental

The Bahamas 2019 - present
P2P Manager

Motion Picture Production

Motion Picture

The Bahamas, worldwide 2015 - 2019
Production & Distribution

CUNA Eco Housing

Cuna™ Eco-Housing

Austria | The Bahamas 2013 - 2019
Design & Development

Estate Development

Housing Development

Austria 2011- 2014
Sponsor, GP

The Eleuthera Retreat

Effective Forestry Management

CEE, 2011
Project Manager, Development